Flood Service Tips

Ensuring Children’s Safety during Flooding

Children are one of the most vulnerable individuals during a flooding event. Whether the flooding came from rains, home plumbing fixtures, or other external factors children should be kept safe in the midst of flooding at all times.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency published an article detailing how parents and guardians can keep children safe during flooding incidents.

Flood Service Tips
Children are always at risk during flooding (Photo Credits)

“Children are different from adults. They may be more vulnerable to chemicals and organisms they are exposed to in the environment because: (1) Children’s nervous, immune response, digestive and other bodily systems are still developing and are more easily harmed; (2) Children eat more food, drink more fluids, and breathe more air than adults in proportion to their body size – so it is important to take extra care to ensure the safety of their food, drink and air; and, (3) They way children behave – such as crawling and placing objects in their mouths – can increase their risk of exposure to chemicals and organisms in the environment.”

Read the continuation here.

Children and Flooding

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services also came up with an advisory on helping children cope in the aftermath of flooding and displacement as part of its Flood Service Tips. https://www.sandiegowaterdamagesd.com/

“Floodwaters  bring  with  them  a  sense  of emergency  and  fear  that  can  severely  disrupt  the  lives  of  children  and  their  families.  Young children  are  particularly  at  risk during these times because of their deep sense of vulnerability, their lack of understanding and their difficulty in communicating how they feel. Older children are affected too. Like their younger siblings, they might find it difficult to express their feelings. They may be terribly frightened of the implications of the adversity on  their  future.  Here  are  a  few  suggestions  for  helping  children  through  these  difficult times.”

Read the rest of the file here.

Flash Floods and Children

The website Romper on the other hand published a write-up on protecting children during flash floods.

“According to Save the Children, the first step to preparing kids to know what to do in a possible flooding situation is a conversation that should occur long before flooding is an imminent threat. Parents should talk about why floods occur with their kids, and familiarize themselves and their families with flood terminology like flood watch (flooding could happen) and flood warning (flooding is happening or will very soon). In the midst of either of these advisories it’s important to stay informed of developments, including possible instructions for evacuation, using a NOAA Weather Radio or battery-powered device.”

Read their whole post here.

Children’s safety should always be prioritized during flooding incidents.

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