SDSU Aztec Basketball Team Tickets

Best Basketball Game Snacks

Watching a basketball game can leave any game fan hungry. Whether he is watching it live or on TV, the thrill and excitement can bring about hunger pangs to any basketball fanatic.

SDSU Aztec Basketball Team Tickets

Fortunately game fans have a lot of great snacks to choose from to help them sustain their energy while rooting for a basketball team. came out with a list of top foods to chow on during game day. San Diego State Basketball Tickets

“It’s college basketball’s biggest night so if you’re throwing a game night party make all fans have something to cheer about. Whether you bleed Duke Blue Devil blue or root only for the Wisconsin Badgers, watching a game on an empty stomach is no fun. From spicy wings to three-point-dips, get creative with variations on tried-and-true party foods.”

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Martha Stewart also came up with more suggestions on game snacks to have while rooting for one’s favorite team. Chicken Wing recipes topped her suggestions! UCLA Bruins Basketball Tickets – SocalSeats

“These wings are baked, which saves the stove top for making other snacks and simplifies the cleanup for you. Also, baked wings are totally hands off — so much easier than hovering over a deep fryer. Another bonus is no fat is added, as the wings cook in their own fat in the oven. We aren’t claiming they’re healthy, just that they’re addictive and less oily than the typical deep-fried version.”

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Better Homes and Gardens also published game day recipes that are perfect for home viewing. Nachos is the first item,

“Add the beans and the 1 cup salsa to the beef. Spoon about two-thirds of the mixture over chips. Sprinkle with 1 cup of the cheese. Bake about 10 minutes or until cheese melts. Remove from oven. Top with remaining chips, beef mixture, and cheese. Bake about 10 minutes more or until cheese melts.”

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Whether one is watching live or at home, snacks will definitely make any game day more fun to watch and even more fun and exciting.

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